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Service Opportunities

Disaster Relief
People within the congregation who enjoy service oriented ministries find opportunities throughout the year to participate in disaster relief.  Workers find themselves painting, dry walling, sanding, etc.  They also find themselves feeling a great sense of purpose and blessing in assisting to make life easier for people who have suffered loss.  If you would like more information, contact Ron Scammahorn at 448-2679.

Pass It Around
Please use this booklet as a resource for potential volunteer opportunities and a source of organizations able to extend help. As a Child of Christ, we are called to shine His light through our Christian Action. Take a moment and pray over the content of this booklet to ask God to place it on your heart to find your gift, so you can let His light shine through you. Pass It Around Booklet (requires Abobe Reader®)..

Youth Work Camps
There are many ways to serve God through the Church of the Brethren.  Workcamps exemplify the Brethren philosophy of simple living and often cross the line to extreme simple living. Along with simple living, essential positive attitudes, flexibility, and openness to new experiences are essential for every workcamp.  Although the projects and living conditions are different for each workcamp, they all share some basic universals – working hard, playing, and having fun can be expected! Participants also have a chance to meet lots of people from all over the country (and sometimes out of it) and make new friendships that last much longer than just one week.  For more information click HERE.