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This Week At Oakland

This Week at Oakland


Andrew J.O. Wright, Interim Pastor

Contact Information for Pastor Andrew:

937-546-1196, awright236@aol.com

Office Hours:

Monday 9am-Noon

Thursday 9am-Noon

Paula Ziegler Ulrich, Associate Pastor

Contact Information for Pastor Paula:

937-467-5672, Ulrich,paula@gmail.com

Pastor Paula’s Office Hours:

Wednesday 9am-2pm


This Week:

Today, September 19th

Sunday Worship in Person and On Facebook

Monday, September 20th

Piece Makers 1pm

Music & Worship Team 6pm

Leadership Team 7pm

Wednesday, September 22nd

Kids Club & 4-5-6 Youth 6:30-8pm

L.O.L. 7-8:30pm

Total Forgiveness book study 6:30pm

The God Who Sees book study 6:30pm

Friday, September 24th

Fall, Family & Friend Fest 5pm

Saturday, September 25th

Birthday Party 2pm


LOL (Live Out Love) will be from 6:30 to 7:30, Wednesday, September 22.  We will be outside.  LOL, Wednesday, September 29, we will be back to our normal time of 7:00 to 8:30 and be in the youth room.  Any questions, please ask Betty Byrd at 937-564-5522.

8-31-21 Finance Update

                   Receipts  Expenses

Jan-Jun   $146,237  $131,252

Jul           $   18,719  $ 20,840

Aug         $   22,346  $ 22,379

Tot          $187,302   $174,471

Our YTD Receipts were $12,831 more than our expenses.

Our YTD Expenses were $25,121 less than our budget of $199,592.

Thank you for your continued financial support.

Dean Brewer, Convener

Study Groups

Wednesday, September 15th will be the beginning of the fall programming.  This includes the adult study groups. “Total Forgiveness” led by Chris Brewer and “The God Who Sees” led by Pastor Andrew.  Signup sheets are located at the welcome center.

Worship Leaders Needed

Do you have a gift for speaking in public or wish to develop that gift? Are you looking for a way to more fully participate in worship? Then you could be a worship leader!

Available Sundays are as follows: September 26; October 24, & 31; November 28; December 19. If you would like to sign-up, please write your name on the sign-up form located at the Welcome Center.

Choir Update

The Oakland Choir has decided to delay rehearsals until at least the beginning of October. Those present, about 13 of us, gathered briefly this past Sunday after worship to discuss the steep rise of Covid cases in Darke County, and the fact that choral singing increases risk. (We also discussed a variety of safety protocols.) Our current plan is to watch covid trends carefully, and to meet at the end of September to discuss it, again. We’re hoping that cases in our county will slow down by then. I know this is disappointing. It’s certainly disappointing to me — as I’m ready to go with some great music! But we also want to be as safe as we can be with one another as a choir and as a congregation.Thank you for your patience and understanding. ~  Paula Ulrich

Sharing Table

A sharing table is available in the fellowship hall.  This is a place to bring your surplus fruits and vegetables to share with the congregation.  If there is something on the table you can use, please feel free to take it!  This is just another way we can work together for the good of all.

A variety of vegetables are laid out on a table

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Quote of the Week

Offerings and Tithes

We would like to remind you about how important it is to keep up with your tithes and offerings.  The past year has taught us a lot about preparing for the unexpected. There may be needs that arise in the next few months that will lead us to unique ministry opportunities’ and our giving helps fulfil that mission and meet the needs of both those within and outside the congregation.  There are 3 ways you can help with this:

  1. thru a web browser, Go to www.oaklandchurch.org
  • :            Mike Hogg

Oakland Church of the Brethren

P. O. Box 198

Gettysburg, OH 45328

*If mailing, please be sure to use the P.O. Box not the Horatio Harris Creek Rd. address.  There is no mail delivery at the church building.

BDM Update          

Volunteers Needed at Dayton BDM Site

Over the past months our Southern Ohio BDM volunteers have done a great job supporting the work of the national BDM effort to rebuild in the Dayton area. The national site ends Oct. 2, but there is still work to finish. Using local volunteers, there will be a last push to finish up through October. Our leadership, Rex Miller and Sammy & Phil Deacon, need our support as much as ever. Please either let Sammy know of your availability at 937-533-1989 or Burt by phone/text at 937-287-5902, SouthernOhioBDM@gmail.com.

Sewing Bee/Prep CWS Items

There will be work for both sewers and non-sewers at the September 25 Sewing Bee. It will be held at 9:00 AM at Eaton Community Church, 813 Camden Road. Non-sewers will be preparing items for Church World Service (CWS) school kits. Sewers will be making school bags. Bring your sewing machine and an extension cord. Everyone, bring a sack lunch and come for a time of service and fellowship. For more information call Barb Brower at 937-336-2442. Click here for a flyer showing all the 2021 Sewing Bee dates and locations.

Cleanup Bucket Assembly

On Thursday, Sept. 30 volunteers are needed to assemble Cleanup Buckets for Church World Service. This will be at 6:30 PM at Bullen Ultrasonics, 1301 Miller Williams Rd., Eaton. The buckets will be filled with cleaning supplies, gloves, masks, and clothesline to help those who have experienced flooding. These will be sent to the Brethren Service Center, where they will be shipped throughout the US.

            Celebrations This Week:

Happy Birthday to:                                      Happy Anniversary to:

9/19                 Zach Hittle                                                     9/23     Mark & Gloria Burns

9/19                 Krista Boellke                                                9/24     Mark & Megan Holsapple

9/21                 Mike Thompson                                            9/24     Chalmer & Mary Lou Unger

9/22                 Gracie Brandwie

9/23                 Brett Clark

9/23                 Jaxon Hampton

9/25                 Avery Niswonger

               Prayer Concerns:

Ray Haag – Continuing health concerns

Mary Lou Unger-Continuing health concerns

Cheryl Hittle – Continuing health concerns

Kenny Mowry – Continued Healing

Jane Stump-Continued healing

Kathy Etter – Health concerns

Sam and Linda Force – Health concerns

For our Sister Church – Prices Creek Church of the Brethren

Continued Prayers for EYN (Church of the Brethren in Nigeria), for kidnapped girls and their families: Although a few reports of kidnaped persons being released have been noted, there are still many reports of violence coming out of Nigeria. Our prayers are still needed for this area.

To access Sunday Online Worship: Go to www.Facebook.com/oakcob You do not need to have a Facebook account to access this.  If you still need assistance setting this up, be sure to call Aaron Overholser and he will try to assist you.

Morning worship

September 19, 2021


Pastoral Greeting

Focus: Mark 9:35

Centering Music

Call to Worship

Hymn / Song:  “As the Deer”

Morning Prayer


Children’s Time

Hymn: “Will You let Me be Your Servant”  307

The Word Written: Mark 9:30-37

The Word Spoken: “Four Steps”

Prayers of the Community

Hymn:  “Sent Forth by God’s Blessing”  478

Carrying the Light of Christ Before Us


Music for Departing

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